(the couple is pictured in the photo above)



Everyone giggled as I took their photo. It is not common for a married couple to show affection in public in the remote villages of Bangladesh. Even taking a photo of the couple together made her cover her smile and everyone else giggle with nervous excitement. 

This man and woman is our Bangladeshi super couple. She teaches a literacy course for women and he teaches secondary students in the school. His Father, a leader in the village, has given two rooms to be used for the women's literacy classes. 

The interview was short because the sun was setting and the women had to go home to prepare fires for dinner, but the power of their story was not untold. They are a couple all couples wish to be. They share a common vision to empower their community, and they are working together to make that happen. 

It ended with a smile and a quick glance from the husband to the wife.