Cigarette rolling, loom factories, and brick making

are the most common jobs families in poverty have.

Every kid that works in one of these jobs misses school on a daily basis. If they are not able to complete a third-grade level of education they are not allowed to enter the public school system in Bangladesh. 

HRDP specifically goes to villages where entire families are having to work, and creates schools that will allow any child to finish a 3rd grade level education.

Before a school is built, HRDP has a three-step process. 1. Get the support of the village leaders. 2. Choose a member from the community to be trained as a teacher. 3. Work with the community to find a space to run the school.

Once the school is started, HRDP divides the schools up to be monitored by our staff every six months.

We understand that a school does not solve the basic reality that their family needs to make a living. That is why we also start entrepreneurship classes for women, literacy classes for adults, and training centers for young adults in the cities.